Apr 25, 2010

Not much has been happening lately. While this blog has been here for a few months, I've yet to openly mention my intention to pursue a service dog for myself anywhere, so no money toward the first and current goal of funds for the dog itself has been raised yet. In the meantime however, as a dog from Pro-Train would most likely be a German shepherd, a breed that reaches 22" to 26" at the shoulder, I have been researching alternative breeds such as the Shiloh shepherd and Anatolian shepherd. Since both of these breeds reach about 28" to 30," I'm thinking that a dog within that height range might be able to provide more balance stability and possibly eliminate the need for the cane that I use mainly for balance.

All that aside, there hasn't been too much going on in my personal life. My orthostatic intolerance has been brutal lately, but that's par for the course during the spring and summer months. I'll most likely be flying back to California to stay with my parents for the rest of the year starting mid-June, where there are many more job opportunities within my range of comfort available to me (not to mention more health care choices). I hope to attempt some fundraising efforts there as well, so we'll see how that does or doesn't go.

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